which food cuisine do you hate?!

Question: Which food cuisine do you hate?

Authentic Irish foods such as blood sausage, soda breads....yuk.

I can't make peace with Thai cuisine. Although unique, it's combinations of sour, bitter and fermented absolutely make me gag. Fish Stomach Sauce, anyone? Few Thai restaurants survive with a customer base of <26K. My little city has had one Thai restaurant after another make a go of it, only to fail. I should mention that this little city of 26K probably has at least 12 Chinese restaurants within its limits, and several Indian restaurants, that, inexplicably, haven't been run out of town like the Thais and Koreans by the established Chinese community. (unpleasant rumors about the sources of proteins, hygiene, etc.)

I hate chinese, vietnamese, thai, indian cuisine.

its too strong & overpowering for me

i like light and delicate flavours i can enjoy
not something that smacks me in the face

I Hate most standard American fare

Most american food is quite dull

Portugal. Other than grilled fresh fish & piri piri.

i dont like chilli's as i like to taste food and not a burning sensation in my mouth

Middle Eastern. It's bland and boring, compared to all others I have tried.

Anything that Amirah eats!

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