What is the best chinese food (beef dish) to eat?!

Question: What is the best chinese food (beef dish) to eat?
Gonna order chinese, the only I have ever had is the beef and broccoli, so im lookin to try something different, I would prefer beef, but if anyone had any good reccomendations, I would be willing to try it, thanks everyone! :-)


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Sesame beef is good, so is General Tao beef if you like it a bit spicier.

I don't know where you order but I love this place called China Star I'm in Florida, anyway they have a great dish called Triple Crown, it's sliced tender beef, white chicken meat, Roast pork and Jumbo Shrimp sauteed with Water Chestnuts, Bamboo shoots, baby corn and broccoli in Brown Wine Sauce. Also, they always accomadate how they make your dish because it's made to order. You be the phone chef and tell them how to do it!!! Good luck enjoy, it's really full of flavor.

Hi: You can try Beef with mixed vegetables or for spicy try Shredded beef Szechuan style (my fave). I also like Twice sauteed pork, that's also spicy.


I love the Gang Pang chicken with chicken stir fried vegetables, or the Dragon and Phoenix.


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