pasta with whipped cream?!

Question: Pasta with whipped cream?
I attended a friend's baby shower, who is Mexican. They served a pasta dish that seemed to me to simply be shell pasta with unsweetened heavy cream, whipped, and it was salted. It was plain but good. I've never had this before or since. Does this sound like a dish that's common in Mexico?


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Was it a warm pasta dish or room temperature? If it was warm, then they used whipping cream, on the other hand if it was served at room temp, then Im assuming it was a combo of sour cream and mayo. I know this because I make both kinds of pasta :)

No, pasta is rarely used in Mexico. I can think of only one dish that uses pasta, fideo (coiled vermicelli). The word fideo is of Mozarabic and Arabic origins from Muslim-dominated areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

resident of N. Mexico

Yes. i took spanish class and we learned everything baout Mexican foods! All of their dishes mainly contain pasta and some kind of cream.

Mecala is incorrect.

Ask your friend what the dish was called and the research it a bit.

yes it is

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