How come I never see dairy products at Chinese restaurants?!

Question: How come I never see dairy products at Chinese restaurants?

my mom is lactoce intolerant.

in taiwan, a milk made from soy is a common breakfast drink. eaten with a type of fried donut. maybe thats how soy milk became popular in the west.

i m chinese.

Human beings is the only animal on earth that drink milk even after babyhood.

Other than some nomadic tribal people like Tibetans, Mongolians who traditionally do make some dairy products, the Han people that represent over 90% of Chinese basically do not make them nor use them in the kitchen. All the milk produced are used to feed babies, and they have a lot of them. One of the main reasons Chinese people don't make and use dairy products is most Asians are lactose intolerant.

I'm not sure. They have cows over in China, they milk them, too. Maybe the dishes they use with milk didn't translate well to Western tastes. They do make nice custards, though they are more in the baked goods category and you typically don't see them in a restaurant.

Would someone tell the rocket-scientist above that eggs come from chickens and "dairy" refers to the place where cows are kept. Yes - in some grocery stores they have the eggs near the milk, but that is just because they are both refrigerated - not that the cows laid the eggs...Sheesh!

Because it reminds them of white people!

Sorry .. but I think you'll find that there is EGG in Egg Fried Rice !!

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