Can i eat chinese food that i bought last night?!

Question: Can i eat chinese food that i bought last night?
I bought some beef in black bean and boiled rice last night from a chinese take-away but i couldn't eat it as i started to feel sick due to damn pregnancy lol, just wondering if its ok to re-heat and eat?


It would be a dern shame if you didn't!!!

I use the 5 minute rule when it comes to chinese food. if it aint eaten in five munutes, it aint good no more. so check it, im telling about this for real. dont mess around with chinese food. that stuff is mad dangerous and should be handled with caution. it also gives you killer gas, even if consumed within 5 minutes. keepin it realz 24/7

yes you can eat it but do not and i repeat do not eat the rice. that would be totally horrible

Sure, if you put it in a fridge.

not the rice but the beef might be ok

sure, why not

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