How much iron does dried sausage have?!

Question: How much iron does dried sausage have?
I don't need an exact amount but I am just curious if it is rich in iron or not...


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its mostly meat, and meat is high in iron.

The same as fresh sausage. Drying does not impact the iron content.

It also depends on the type of sausage. A sausage made from beef will have more iron than a sausage made from chicken. Pork is the most common sausage meat and is in the middle (between red meats and white meats) in iron content

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yes - - just as much as the meat that is used - - ? - how would you prove any comparison
sorry - - it bugs me for anyone to be so critical about something that make no difference
you do not know how much of anything you eat - that your body uses - 'not needed it passes out

It depends on the types of meat, as some have higher contents of iron. (liver and kidney)

it probably has more fat than meat there are better sorces of iron

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