Why is a lot healthy american food taste bad compared to healthy asian cuisines?!

Question: Why is a lot healthy american food taste bad compared to healthy asian cuisines?
Besides eating fruits and vegitables, a lot of the healthy food in america is bland and it doesn't really have any unique taste to it. But for a lot of asian foods, it's fresh and tasty, like rice cakes, or simple stir frys and even kimchi.


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I'm going to assume you are of Asian descent because your question reads like English is not your first language. It is rather normal to prefer the cuisine you were raised on so I do not find it at all surprising that you think your "healthy" food tastes better. However, I do find that Asians pat themselves on the back far too much about the healthiness of their food.

I will give you credit on the steamed veggies; no other cuisine really rivals you on that. The texture is perfect to me although you do fall down on flavor if I didn't just like them like that. Rice cakes are fine but nothing to jump up and down about. I think you are suffering from a lack of exposure to all the regional cuisines in America and have decided what you have tasted in your small neck of the woods is representative of the whole. Do you live in the midwest or something?

We are a melting pot and I love a lot of different cuisines, especially Mediterranean which in my opinion has just cause to say yes, we're yummy and healthy. The Asian cuisine doesn't really have those bragging rights to me. Not even the Asian fusion that appears to be trying to create something in the Tex-Mex tradition to make it more palatable.

I really have to disagree with you. Most Asian cuisine is fried or stir-fried in a lot of oil, usually saturated peanut oil. Only steamed Asian food is healthy and unfortunately usually bland. The only really tasty healthy Asian dishes I can think of is some of the Cantonese Noodle Soups and a lot of Japanese food, sushi or sashimi, of course it is raw, so that could be a problem. They also make a lot of grilled meats, chicken, seafood and veggies.

American food is a conglomeration of many cuisines and flavors and you can certainly order healthy, really good food in most restaurants and certainly cook up some great tasting healthy dishes at home. Yes, most fast food places, like KFC or BK mostly serve unhealthy food products. I love salads and they are tasty and healthy-my favorite includes salad greens topped with roasted beets & crumbled goat cheese. Olive Oil is a healthy oil & aged Balsamic is fine. Another favorite is salad greens, hard boiled egg and anchovies EVOO again. Vegetables steamed in a little broth and crushed garlic, very good. Chicken breast or salmon poached in broth with added fresh herbs and lemon. Just roast, bake, broil or poach meat, fish, chicken or veggies and you have healthy meal, add some seasoning and fresh herbs and you have a tasty meal. You can make your own stir fries a lot healthier using canola oil and much less of it than they use in Chinese restaurants.


I'm guessing what you think is "healthy Asian cuisine" really isn't' healthy at all. And I don't think anyone in their right mind could describe a rice cake as "tasty."

You know the soy sauce you are putting in the stir fry to make it taste good? It is loaded with sodium. Same for fish sauce or oyster sauce. Asian cooking has tons of sodium in it and usually - added oil.

Kimchi is low in calories and fat - but high in sodium.

I agree with you. Kind of
American Fast food is really really unhealthy.
But so is Asian fast food.Sold by street vendors in the market.
Fast food is designed to provide energy for a minimum price. Energy we need. Survival does not count calories.
Good traditional Asian food is healthy and tasty.
So is good traditional American food.

two or three reasons.. firstly even the 'healthy' american food is full of preservatives and moslty non organic.. whereas in asia it's not and it tends to be very fresh

secondly.. spices.. asia is full of really unique spices whereas americans stick to the very generic ones

it is all a matter of opinion. kimchi is gross

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