What should I name my Mexican Restaurant?!

Question: What should I name my Mexican Restaurant?
My name is Jennifer and my husbands name is Juan I don't really feel like either one of these names should be in the name. I want something that sounds good but is easier to say. Some people have a hard time saying the name of a restaurant when it is in spanish. So I am looking for something tex-mex/mexican that is fun but not hard to say.So any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Will you be catering to a mainly hispanic customers?
They often refer to YOU by the name of your store, so think about that.
(ie: If you open a place called tres arboles, they might refer to you (personally, the owner), as the "tree") That's a personal issue, and if it doesn't bug you, then don't worry about the name.
I've just lived among many hispanics, and they do that. You aren't named Jennifer. You are named after your restaurant!
How about Juanifer?
How about Jenni's Tex Mex?
I'd name it after your specialty. What is the best thing on your menu that sets you apart from allllll the other tex mex joints in the area?
Where are you located? Will you grill all your stuff? Fry it?
Do you specialize in something like fresh vegetables?
I can give you lots of ideas with those simple facts in mind.
All this info would help. Post it so we can help you get a good name for your biz.

Taco Loco
Mi Casa
Su Casa

Vino, Tequila, y Cerveza

Try the Guatamala Cuisine
P.S i don't know how to spell guatamala correctly so i tried my best

Jenni-Juan Mexican Food

El Toro
El Farolito
Los Canaros
Acupulco or Sinaloa

Mexy Sexy

The Tex-Mex Road House

pass the border

Bean Cuisine lmao

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