what makes choux a la creme inflate? what gives it its shape?!

Question: What makes choux a la creme inflate? what gives it its shape?
also what is its structure?? in case yur wonderin this is for my science class. how does stucture affect its function so i decided to use whatever makes the choux inflate as part of the sturcture and the function would be that it inflates


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Hi: If you are talking choux paste ( eclairs and creme puffs dough) Eggs do the rising, but can't tell you how scientifically - sorry.


Eggs don't do the rising - the steam in the dough does.

As you bake it, water in the dough turns to steam, and this creates bubbles, which merge into larger and larger bubbles, until the item is essentially just one large dough-covered bubble.

The protein in the eggs solidifies as it cooks, so that the bubble doesn't collapse once the air cools when you take the item out of the oven.

Look up the Good Eats TV episode "Choux Shine" which shows you how to make choux dough and also explains the science behind it.

Pooh bear is right on the rising. The shape is either made by dropping spoonfuls of dough onto a baking sheet or piping the dough through a pastry bag with your choice of tip. I've made swans and puffs using the pastry bag. FYI, you need to cut the puff in half and remove the inside dough, it is sort of mushy. You then have a cavity to fill with your choice of fillings. Yes, I know TMI.

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