how do i make a torta?!

Question: How do i make a torta?
How do I make one? Ha


there are different types of tortas. my favorite torta contains the following ingredients:

fajita meat (carne asada)
shredded cheese
shredded lettuce
diced tomato
green chile hot sauce

i like to use white or wheat bollio bread. so yummy!!!

saute chopped onions, tomatoes and ground pork,season with salt and pepper.set aside.beat 4 egg lightly.and mix with your sauteed meat.Heat pan add cooking oil and put the egg mixture just enough to cover the pan. Flipwhen done. you may add strips of green bell peppers if you like

Torta is italian for cake. Make any cake that you like and that is a torta.

18 years of life in Italy


You are wrong! The Italian word for cake is "checca"; otherwise, why would we call the English and Americans "mangiachecche", eh! Mannaggia!

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