couscous water analogy?!

Question: Couscous water analogy?
I was wondering if there's some good way to find the right couscous water analogy. what's written an the box is for 3-4 portions so when cooking for 1, its hard to get it right. is there something like adding enought water to just cover the couscous maybe or something like it? in cups? teaspoons?


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Couscous is just like pasta. Cook it with lots of water, anyway you'll drain it away. You'll definitely need at least 4 times the water.

If this is instant couscous, meaning you are just stirring it into boiling water or stock and then covering the couscous to allow it to absorb the water, then just add enough water or stock to cover by about an inch or divide the amount of liquid in the instructions on the box, by three, you can always drain off the excess liquid.


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