are the thin, stringy steamed rice noodles for thai restaurants light and healthy?!

Question: Are the thin, stringy steamed rice noodles for thai restaurants light and healthy?
its really thin white noodles and they are steamed, not stir fried and i get them at Vi Thai restaurant. are they light and healthy or full of bad carbs like white rice? any info


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It's vermicelli, and yes it is good for you, it's not wheat based like most noodles, it is quite easy to work with yourself at home, just put some in a bowl, and pour over some boiling water, let stand till soft and cut up with scissors. Then add some salad vegies and dress to your liking. Also you could google some recipes, have fun


Whoa, whoa...hold off labelling them "bad carbs". Take a peek at most Thai & Vietnamese people. They are some of the most slim & healthy people around and they eat white rice based products almost everyday. They don't refer to anything as "good or bad" carbs...that BS is sheer mythos. Anything in moderation is relatively good. Seriously, the body needs carbs. Now eating junk food (highly processed foods) all the time...that is what one would consider just bad eating habits. That's where "carbs" get a bad rap.

It is just as good or as bad as white rice. White rice is also steamed just like the noodles. They are not any lighter or healthier than the regular white rice. Eat in moderation as you would eat white rice.

They are good if you know how to make them, they are light not like bake potato or fry of any kind.

Yes they are

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