What is this Italian food?!

Question: What is this Italian food?
Its like pizza except its like a dumpling.
what i mean is the bread part of the pizza covers the pizza like a dumpling.
so its like a dumpling made of bread on the outside but in the inside it has all the pizza stuff.
like cheese, salami, and sauce is inside.


It may be a calzone (sometimes called panzerotto). It's never a meal; it's only a snack.

It's a calzone.

It looks like this, right?

yum ?

No sir, it is not a calzone. Im 100% italian, true calzones never ever have meat in them. This is a STROMBOLI my friend. Buon Appetito!

Possibly a 'Calzone'


Calzone, it looks like a pastry and it stuffed with pizza stuffing. sometimes they fill it with chicken ot meat and it taste really nice :)

its not a food its a game called hide the salami

It is called a calzone. It is very common in Italy.


It's a calzone. You could verify that on Pizza Hut's website.




its a stromboli :) yummmm

Like others have said I believe it's a testicle.

It's a calzone, and they're delicious.

That must be calzone.

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