What Jamaican dishes are influenced by African culture and cuisine?!

Question: What Jamaican dishes are influenced by African culture and cuisine?
So I know Jamaican cuisine is a mix of Spanish, African, Native, East Indian and Chinese cuisine. Such as Roti and Curry Goat are of East Indian influence, but I want to know what Jamaican food/dish has African influence (includes spices etc.) Thank you!


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Jamaica was first colonized by the Spanish in 1509. As a result, plants such as sugar cane, lemons, limes, and coconuts were imported to the island. They also imported pigs, cattle, and goats. During Spanish colonialism, many African people became slave laborers, who brought with them ackee (the national fruit of Jamaica), okra, peanuts, and a variety of peas and beans. When the British government gained control of the island, many African slaves gained their freedom and escaped to the mountainous region. During the British rule, slavery was abolished and Indian and Chinese workers were contracted to supplement the labour pool. This is what makes Jamaica’s cuisine unique among others- it is a fusion of different spices, flavors, and techniques. The cooking techniques were strongly influenced by Spanish, British, African, Indian and Chinese cultures.Today, 92% of Jamaica’s residents are of Black African origin Most of the people originate from Africa and are the descendants of slaves. The Europeans brought them to Jamaica from Africa. Some of these slaves ran away and are called as 'Maroons'. The Maroons have traditions that they still follow.



I am a former chef and worked at a resort in Montego Bay back in the 1980's an a great deal of there foods and cuisine is from there African roots, like US black population they were forced into slavery and brought by the English to the island to labour in the field, Captain Blye brought breadfruit to the island from Asia, coffee and other foods were brought there to by the British to feed there population at home.

One dish, Jerk Chicken is actually a native dish, the Arawak tribe that was native to the island made a dish called Barbacoa, we know now as BBQ, but the stewed and other dishes from meat to fish came with the African slaves, also to there is a large Chinese population in Jamaica and they to have added the spin on the islands foods

The use of Jerk seasoning, yams, black eyed peas, mushy rice and other spices. Thats pretty much all I can think of.

most isnt it

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