whats the best meal you have ever had?!

Question: Whats the best meal you have ever had?
homemade or eating out.


Tastewise, I liked this course I had by myself for lunch (at a restaurant in Tokyo):
Starter: white chicken liver pate with Balsamic sauce. (The pate was exquisite. It was very modern.)
Soup: onion potage with consomme gelee (On the menu, it only said onion potage, so I was surprised when the soup arrived.)
Main: Suzuki (fish like seabass) with lentils and vegetables, sherry vinaigrette. (The vinaigrette was made perfect!)
Dessert: Something I had never seen before. Something quite unique made from white chocolate, yogurt and lychee.
And coffee.

Situation-wise, although this rustic dishes were served at a local bistro in Kyoto, it was my birthday.
Starter: Des escargots Bourguignon (with glass wine)
Main: Boeuf Bourguignon (with glass wine)
Fromage: about 5 different kinds of cheese with a nice glass of wine from Rhone.
and coffee.

Also, I liked the first dinner I had at the restaurant my sister worked for. There, I had salmon confit (at a low temperature) for the first time. I'll never forget that.

Best homemade - Morroccan lamb made by my father.
Eating out, several years ago, I found this little Chinese restaurant, it was fairly expensive (approx £130 for 2 of us, including drinks) but was some of the best food I have ever eaten

A LOBSTER SEAFOOD PLATTER. years ago in a place called pedro"s on jersey in the channel

this cost over £ 50 00. about fourty years ago, in them days you could have fed a familey of four for a week on that.

Continental breakfast in the South of France, outdoors, elevation about 1000ft, overlooking the sea, with champagne and orange juice to drink, friends and family around as well.

I prefer homemade to eating out! Because I poisoned food of restaurant in summer!!!

Chinese Food ha mm. and Italian. they're all pretty good.

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