Someone who's an expert at cooking won-tons, please help (:?!

Question: Someone who's an expert at cooking won-tons, please help (:?
I've created a recipe using pumpkin, garbanza beans, and spinach wrapped in won ton wrappers. along with some spices of course.
However, the only thing missing in my recipe is how long and what temp. to cook them at.
I don't want to cook them over the stove in oil, i'd rather bake them.
think you could help me out?
if you think that the only way for me to cook them is by broiling them in oil in a pan...then i will. but id rather not. thank you!


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Here's the deal:

-You cannot bake them. Baking will only screw up the wonton wrappers...they'll be hard like rocks..esp. on the edges. Wontons are never baked or broiled. They respnd to moist heat.

-The only alternative methods of cooking them would be: boiling, steaming or deep frying.

-You didn't specify as to whether or not the pumpkin is fresh or already prepared. If it is already prepared (premade/canned) then all I would do is cook them for about 5 min. max in simmering water, 10-15 in the steamer and about 3-5 min. deepfried in oil.

I'm a personal chef.

You normally don't cook wontons in oil - just boil or steam them.

Actually, you can bake or fry a wonton - just make sure it's a larger symmetrical shape. Be careful though, the edges and especially corners will bake quicker and you don't want them drying out and becoming hard.

Think about baked or fried ravioli.

In fact, a wonton is really just a thinner version of a ravioli noodle.

If you want to boil them, put them in a large pot of water and wait until they rise to the top of the pot. Then scoop them out.

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