what stores have the most kosher foods?!

Question: What stores have the most kosher foods?
Ive stopped eating pork, but i find out that they are mostly in all foods but just hidden with a fancy name also i live in the dfw area plz help


If there are no Kosher deli's in your area then find the biggest synagogue and locate the nearest large chain store to the synagogue. They are most likely to have Kosher food properly displayed.

A local Albertsons store contacted the Rabbi at the synagogue a block away and asked him to help by training his staff in the proper way to display kosher grub. The Rabbi happily agreed and the sales of Kosher food increased 500% when the people knew it had been properly handled.

This site will help you locate kosher foods.

Go to jews store or some store write out side : Kosher food. See in the yellow pages in your area.

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