Do groceries include non-food items?!

Question: Do groceries include non-food items?
My question is whether things such as soap, brooms, detergent count as groceries. If I go to a grocery store and buy nothing non-food items can I still say I went grocery shopping?


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You could, but I don't take them out of my 'food money', but as 'household expenses'.

in foodservice we call it this..
The word "sundries", the plural of "sundry" — which generally connotes many, various, and diverse — may refer to one of:

Toiletries and other usually small items both of no large value, and too numerous to mention separately such as cosmetics, threads, needles (notions) et cetera, normally sold in the retail sections of department, drug or hardware stores and quite often, supermarkets.

The dictionary defines it as food and other commodities, so yes.

" and other commodities sold by a grocer."

"merchandise, esp foodstuffs, sold by a grocer"

they are not really called groceries...but you can call it anything you like...I don't think anybody is gonna hurt you for buying toilet paper and calling it groceries

as i work in a supermarket groceries can be said about any thing you purchase. i think it really does not matter what you wish to call them it can br your choice

Yes. The dictionary (Concise OED) says that they sell "small household goods".

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