What to serve at a vietnamese supper?!

Question: What to serve at a vietnamese supper?
I am expecting friends for supper in a couple of days.
We will be serving Ph? n?m. What else should I serve with this beside the usual garnishes?
For drinks I have jasmine tea, but what should I serve for starters, accompaniments and dessert?


I love Vietnamese food, my favorite dish is Bun Cha Hanoi

Here is a recipe and instructional video, it is really easy!


Also, a good starter is Cha Gio (fried springs rolls), here is a video for them


On a side note, it also frustrates me when people get the origins of food confused. Though the reason this person maybe confused is because some Vietnamese places I have been to have Pad Thai on the menu, and some Thai places have Pho on the menu. Also, there are parts of Laos that are only about 50 miles wide, making the distance between Vietnam and Thailand as close as 50 miles.

Baked Coconut Pudding Recipe
My family- kids and adults loves this dessert recipe.


The Goi Cuon with peanut sauce as an appetizer. Maybe some pad thai for those who doesn't like soup. For dessert I'd go with vanilla ice cream with fried banana or with fried wonton that has banana inside and dress it with honey. Very yummy!

Vietnamese Spring Rolls or egg rolls.

I love those Goi Cuons They are super yummy.

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