Where can I find Finnish foods and candies here in the states.?!

Question: Where can I find Finnish foods and candies here in the states.?
I'm in Dallas. I found one place in Plano.. a suburb.. though they are a bit expensive for what I've seen in other online shops. The problem is the online shops are in Europe and I would pay the same for the shipping. My boyfriend is from Finland and loves those Tyrkisk Peber candies. He also got me hooked on the Marianne Chocolate mints. The store by me charges $7 a bag.. I would like to find him more than one bag at a time.

Also if you know of any more places to get Finland items. I would like to find him a blanket, towel or just good flag items. Need all the help this country girl can get..



in Texas, isn't there a Whole Foods grocery store near you? they have a HUGE international section...check online for a grocer near you and shop there-might find similar items from other Scandinavian countries that might work..

I lived in TX and I saw them there

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