Is there an actual type of food or dish, that you could live on it?!

Question: Is there an actual type of food or dish, that you could live on it?
Ok, is there a food or a certain type of dish that one could actually live on?

By that, I mean, is there a food that contains all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, that if you ate that certain food for the rest of your life. You would be able to survive healthily.

Is there a food like that? I've always wondered...


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Not unless it was made in some kind of artificial pill.

Ask a pharmacist to give you complete vitamin pills, ask for the best vitamin pill - Vitamin pills are the solution for the maintenance.

There are a lot of foods/dish/cuisine that contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients.
Ex: Sushi/Sashimi - A good Sushi contains a very thick layer of dried-seaweed wrapping, veggies, roe, avocado, rice, fish, gari (ginger) and loads of other things in it. - Sashimi are raw fish, usually of Salmon/Tuna and other types of fish that can be eaten raw - A slice of steamed octopus is included in a good tray of Sushi,

For your overall health - consuming and or eating Fish oil/fish-belly-fat can boost and maintain your good health.

Other alternatives is chicken breast and oats with vegetables.

Eating raw-fresh broccoli is always an effective way to boost good health and maintain good diet - it's also loaded with vitamin C.

A herbivore! If you ate every edible part, I'd guess
Liver is full of minerals, the meat itself is very nutritious, and if you're lucky, there's some unprocessed vegetables in the stomach! Hurray!

Cool question. Off the top of my noggin I would guess RICE or FISH if you look at all the cultures the depend upon them as a mainstay. Now you made me want to do some research. I'll be following others answers on this one.

Ther are liquid formulations designed for people who can't eat for whatever reason. They are not tasty and your GI system doesn't enjoy it.
Other than that, like a naturally occurring food-nope.

not any Pacific food, just food in general. Like making sure you eat your fruit and food that has lots of your daily fiber and nutrition!

Vegetable beef soup if you add a large variety of vegetables and also some grains would be my choice .


that is a great question!! I really hope there is, and i want to taste it!

It's called bread.

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