What to order at Burmese restaurant?!

Question: What to order at Burmese restaurant?
Two of my buddies and I will be going to a Burmese restaurant tomorrow for the first time. None of us have ever tried Burmese food so we don't know what to order when we get there. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we should order? All three of us are full grown males.


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Thoke is a famous Burmese food

Burmese foods consists of variety of salads, one famous example is thoke -- combination of noodles with lots of ingredients at times including shrimp paste.

What is a thoke? it is a noodle meal consisting of one major food like noodles, rice, potato and is mixed with lots and various seasonings, garnishing and flavorings ranging from chili, lime, fish sauce shrimp.

Variations of thoke are :

* Thayet chin thoke
* Tofu thoke
* Lahpet thoke
* Samuza thoke
* Khauk swè thoke
* Nan gyi thoke

Sample of a typical Burmese meal

* is rice and another food usually fish, (curried or salted), plus a soup and boiled or raw veggies

Why go to a Burmese restaurant when you can go to an Italian restaurant!

Burmese food.

catfood for the entree and burgers for dessert

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