Why don't rice cookers have on/off switches?!

Question: Why don't rice cookers have on/off switches?
Of all the rice cookers I've ever used, I've never seen one that has an on/off switch... instead the plug always needs to be yanked from the outlet in order to turn the cooker off. Why is this always the case?


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Look at it properly, you find it I'm sure my friend.

I have never seen such a rice cooker with no switch, but I have seen many with at least one switch, and some with whole control panels, like these:



However, slow cookers frequently don't have on/off switches and I suppose you could cook rice in one of them.

Hope this helps

Older and simpler rice cookers do not have an off switch due to the "keep warm" feature.

Some rice cookers of newer design got a switch that will allow you to turn the rice cooker off manually. Examples:

It's probably because there's a certain timing that cooks the rice to perfection and they don't want you to turn it off and realize it's not cooked yet and then you might complain and stuff ..
Mine has a turn on/turn off button - maybe it's just the make.

Hope I helped!

The ones I've used never have one too. I think cos it auto turns off itself but i find this drys out the rice after cooking it so I need to yank the plug out the socket to.

I wish they did. Then I could leave it plugged in all the time. I don't know of one that has the on/off switch.

That's a rare model you have, mine has a switch

you can search on yahoo.com

becouse the on/off in on the options on a rise cooker is like a slw cooker

All of the ones I've bought had on/off switches on them.

mine does

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