Is American cuisine boring compared to other countries foods and dishes?!

Question: Is American cuisine boring compared to other countries foods and dishes?
Who's is considered the healthiest?


interesting and healthy don't usually go hand in hand

i find american food is generally more salty and fattening than other cuisines

i have read japanese food is considered healthiest but who really know

what is healthy is a well rounded diet

Let's see. America is a melting pot of ethnicities. Therefore you will find foods from just about every country in the world sold and prepared in homes and restaurants. Obviously, years ago many recipes had to be adapted to what could be bought locally. Now if you can't get an ingredient in your neighborhood, you can usually find it online.

Therefore anyone who says American Food is boring compared to other countries, has obviously been limited by their environment, finances and/or palate. Guess you don't get out much.

I find American cuisine to be an exciting blend of so many cultures and goodies that we are the best there is. I have lived overseas and found Germanic foods and Saxon (England, Ireland, Scotland) to be the most bland or downright ghastly (lots of organ dishes). I mean, I enjoy Asian cuisine, Italian, and Hispanic - but couldn't do a steady diet of either... The healthiest, I can't say... I guess it is how one goes about preparation.

I don't even know how you would define "American" cuisine, considering we're a nation of immigrants and most of our food traditions started out somewhere else. Sadly, just about the only food you could truly consider "American" is pretty much junk food. Any time I watch shows on FoodTV celebrating "Americana," I'm appalled at what they're eating. But most of what average Americans eat these days is pretty darn dull once you start exploring some of the world's other cuisines. Greek, Italian, Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese, Vietnamese-- all of these seem more interesting to me than anything the average American family makes at home on a weeknight. It's all in the seasonings.

And I don't agree that interesting and healthy don't go together. Vietnamese food in particular strikes me as both healthy and interesting. Lots of herbs and citrusy flavors are used for seasoning, and it's very fresh tasting. Japanese too, tends to be relatively light in flavor and calories. Japanese cooking uses a lot of seafood.

You asked about American quisine, which has nothing to do with Chili's or TGIF's. American cuisine is usually a combination of cuisines that involve fresh ingredients. I consider Japanese to be the leathiest that I know of:-)

There's no such thing as American cuisine. It's all concocted imitations of other cuisines.
The healthiest cuisine comes from Italy.

the American world of food - IS all the world cuisine

you define Healthiest - - I believe it is simply a marketing ploy and used to instill fear
Name a food - - IT is healthy simply by itself

I don't think American food is boring, or isn't healthy.

There are a lot of cooks who can't make healthy recipes, that is the problem.

Yes american food is really bland. I eat mostly Indian food and when I go back to eating american dishes, I find them to be very boring and bland.

There IS a little American cuisine, but not much. Most is derivative. Unfortunately, Americans are still more about quantity than quality.

No, it's unique.

southern cooking is what i consider american cuisine

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