What are some healthy chinese dishes to order?!

Question: What are some healthy chinese dishes to order?
My local chinese resteraunt does not have brown rice but they do have steamed white rice, I'm just looking for sugestions that can go on the rice thatv are heralthy ?


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1) Steamed Garoupa
2) Hong Shao Toufu
3) Stir fried broccoli with scallops

Most everything on the menu is healthy but check whether or not they use the much-to-be-avoided MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) and in which dishes (usually 'sweet & sour').

If you insist on having rice, you might consider having rice noodles as an alternative.

Btw, in a restaurant the Chinese use rice as a 'filler' - they'll eat it after they've eaten the main course.

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Prob best to ask them to recommend a stir fry of some sort. Thats if you like lots of veg and some meat. I think rice noodles are a little healthier.

Just about anything with vegetables.

chicken and brocceli is super healthy trust try it

Go for the spring rolls, steam rice has 194 calories in it

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