What's the big deal about cooking soul food!?!

Question: What's the big deal about cooking soul food!?
Everyone who can make soul food always makes a huge deal over it. I don't get what's the big deal about making food that tastes good by throwing a stick of butter on it! What's the big deal if you know how to do that?


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I don't think it's the biggest deal ever, but it tastes very good and it seems that a lot of people are clueless about what ingredients cause it to be so delish. I knew when my old college roommate from Brooklyn called me trying to cook collard greens and wanted to know how much Honeybaked ham she season it with then there was a problem lol.

Whatever soul food was originally, it is really just Southern cuisine now and there are no color lines. My director and I both of different races look for blackeyed peas for New Years. Paula Deen cooks soul food, and she really does take too many liberties with the butter and mayo. The way she adds fat to her food with reckless abandon is not exactly common.

If you want to try good soul food, try South Carolina, Alabama, Lousisiana (as a bonus you can get good creole and cajun food too) or Mississippi. Avoid Tennessee at all costs; it's a buster. Georgia is hit or miss.

Soul food is so much more than just a stick of butter. As some people would say it's just good old fashioned home cooking. It's got rich textures and even richer flavors. It's simply something to be enjoyed. If you don't want to eat it don't, it's not a major big deal

A lifetime in the south. Yum :D

Guess you've never eaten soul food. Aside from desserts, not much of it contains butter. Fried chicken that is not a.bit greasy and melts in your mouth. Slow cooked greens with pork and potatoes. Meltingly rich oxtails. Fried okra and corn fritters. Corn bread. The best Pecan Sweet Potato pie. I could go on, but I'm getting very hungary

I love food

There is no big deal about it.It is just a type of cooking and varieties of food that a lot of people like,same as any ethnic food.

the term soul food is archaic..its black american cuisine and its filling..delicious..and earthy...it is so good and you just have to adjust and make it more healthy in preparing.as in most food today..

Who's putting butter in soul food.. ughhh whoever cooked for you, can't cook soul food well.

Why would anybody put butter in greens, black eyed peas, string beans ect?

LOL apparently you haven't had REAL soul food!.... And not everyone can make it....I've tasted some fantastic soul food, and some terrible stuff.

Have a good one.

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