Serious Answers Only... How do you create heat using no electricity?!

Question: Serious Answers Only... How do you create heat using no electricity?
I'm after only serious answers here....
How do you create heat using no electricty? I'm trying to find a way to fart in my room, or at least warm up part of it, without using any electricity. My boyfriend has a basement bedroom with animals in it and pretty much all his plugs are in use for his tv, computer, radio/alarm, and one little ceramic heater which is dying fast... He often tells me that his hands will turn white and today he was so cold he couldnt' stop shaking. I want to figure out how to help him heat his room a little so he's not so cold and neither are the animals (rodents).
Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciate, thank you.


You need heat to fart in your room? LOL

With whatever you were attempting to say aside...I guess you can really just use blankets and body heat. Cuddle under a blanket and that should help you at least create a heat pocket. Otherwise move around and or create friction (rub hands together). It's really tough to create heat without electricity, but good luck!

Eat more beans and get some matches!

Personal experience.

for fart heating you would have to block of all the places air can enter so that its not filter down to nothing try blankets

Metabolism...heat is a by product.

Open the window, let the sun in.

A wood burning stove.

you could try insulation services or get one of those fake fire places (easily found at walmart or lowes of home depot) but idk if they can work without electricity. in the meantime, you could look into buying extension chords with multiple outlets although it may override the outlet on the wall's carrying capacity, so be careful. buy some gloves for him, a wool sweatshirt..oh and this sounds a little crazy, but go to the athletes foot or a sports/outdoors store and ask about this stuff that cross country runners and cyclists use on their face/body while training in the winter. it warms your skin up somehow and it really works. it's either like a cream or a gel idk but you should try it. I'm not sure how inexpensive it will be though

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