What is better fish and chips or sausage and chips?!

Question: What is better fish and chips or sausage and chips?
Living in England i am faced with this problem. so what do you think because people here have different views?


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I like fish and chips better not a big sausage fan.

I don't like that thick batter on the England style fish, but that would be my first choice even if I had to peel the batter off. I am fond of the malt vinegar though.

I've never had sausage and chips, but it could work depending on how the sausage looked.. I would not object to a grilled bratwurst and chips but please no gravy and things like that.

health wise....fish and chips are the better of a bad choice....sausage is loaded with saturated fats

but given that both dishes were probably deep fried in partially hydrogenated oil....ie. trans fat....the very worst kind there is (an adult male should not exceed 2 grams per day!!!!!!!) you are probably screwed no matter what.

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i hate fish and chips.. yeah i'm british but i just don't like fish.. so saussage chips mushy peas and of course curry sauce < mega yum

sausage and chips definately!! :D

Living in England, I feel sorry for you because you will never be able to eat well.

I had never herd of sausage and chips but that sounds great

Fish and Chips with a Pint to wash it down !!

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