Why do indian people always smell like curry, without fail?!

Question: Why do indian people always smell like curry, without fail?
I hate to be racist, but is it cause they use curry for washing powder? I just dont get it!


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Indian cooking uses spices such as ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric, onion, curry powder, etc., all of which are fried in oil prior to addition of vegetables, fish or meat. This mixture of spices in oil disperse throughout the home, or apartment, and stick to walls, clothing, books, jackets and whatever else is exposed to it. It is extremely difficult to remove that odor once it has settled in, and in time, turns sour and worse. Add to it the odor of sweat, perfume and other chemical odors, and you have a disaster in your clothing. Indians are basically clean, they shower several times a day sometimes during hot weather, use perfumed soaps and aftershave just like other human being, but they are oblivious about their odor and haven't learnt the process of keeping their clothes odorless in western countries. Walk into an elevator with an Indian man (usually first generation man in a western country) and you wish you weren't there. I am from India and I myself choke on Indian guys' odor in elevators. If I ever cook Indian at home, I make sure I have plenty of ventilation, remove all bags, clothing, jackets, cushions, etc. out of the way, and after I am done let the air flush out all odor from my home for 5-6 hours after cooking. Definitely need to take a shower and shampoo after Indian cooking. Needless to say, most of my cooking is done in summer, or outdoors. I don't want to smell bad either, so I rarely cook Indian and have switched to western diet - end of problem. Houses in western hemisphere just aren't constructed (I mean the ventilation system) to handle Indian cooking.

This is beacause Indian use pretty Spice ( masala ) during the making of curry. The smell of the curry is really the smell of the spices, which brought the Portuguese, French and Britisher to India like mad and they stayed in India for 200 years only to smell the curry.

Imagine How powerful the smell is .

Just joking :)

Alot has to do with the spice, like onions and garlic, certain spice have an effect on the body, and the leech through the skin, and as it can attract itself to clothing, and in an Indian household curry is served at all meals in some form, it is not a body odour issues so much as an overall issue, I worked with many Asians as a chef that used camphor ointments and when opening doors the aroma could be detected 500 feet away

Okay normally i wouldn't answer this question but the one reply that Americans smell like sour milk really made me laugh. The reason being.... my husband is from Uruguay, a country where milk doesn't really exist much, He despises milk, Whereas I adore all dairy products. I doubt we'd be married if that were true. P.S. He laughed when i mentioned that post to him.

But on too the answer to your question Indian peoples diets consist of meals that about 85% of them are curry based.
Just like garlic, curry is a very strong spice. You don't want to be around people after you've had a dinner consisting of a lot of garlic because you know that's what you smell like. If you ate garlic in your meals everyday, twice a day, guaranteed you'd smell like garlic 24/7

sounds extremely racist .. although valid.. I have family of a few different ethnicities and they have a different smell then I do, I am sure they find me a lil funny smelling although use to me now..

I went on a lemon cleanse.. with cayenne pepper .. look it up.. on the third day I stunk.. I couldn't believe it ..

I also notice that vegens have a distint smell of vegetables .. funny.. I wonder how gross I smell to others now hahah

It does sound a bit racist. When we were students my husband once went to a 'curry shop' with some of his fellow students. He stank! I said, 'Never go there again without me.' That was fine. I didn't smell anything, because I had eaten the same food.
It might interest you to know that the smell of Europeans is obnoxious to many eastern Asians, because we consume dairy products and smell like sour milk.

I smell like soap and sandalwood so I wouldn't know. Do white americans smell like greasy onion rings, hot dog water and mayo. I'm not trying to be racist, just wondering.

They use special Daz curry flavouring.

You should know better than to go sniffing people's butts.

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