American dishes that originated from America?!?!

Question: American dishes that originated from America?!?
Do you know any foods that actually originated from North America?


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Because America is such a melting pot of cultures, races, and religions we don't have a lot of foods that we can truely call our own. Although there are a few.

Look into American Indian type stuff. Those are truely original American dishes.

Apple pie, hot dogs, New England Clam Chowder, Boston baked beans and Cream pie, Bird's Nest Pudding, Chocolate chip cookies, Indian Pudding, Buffalo Chicken Wings, New York Cheesecake, Shoofly pie, Devils food cake, Reuben Sandwich, Grits, Hushpuppies, Brunswick Stew, Cornbread, Chili, Pecan Pie, Banana Foster, Oysters Rockefeller, Hoagie Sandwiches, Po' Boy Sandwich.

Like a previous poster mentioned though the United states is a melting pot, Thats includes the foods which most originated from various homelands, We Just added our own twist to most of them. A perfect example is our own version of Pizza. Pizza obviously originates from Italy. But don't expect to be able to even get anything like our Pizza there.

Anything made with turkey, squash, corn - these foods don't exist elsewhere.

Fruit pies - crumbles, buckles, etc.


Chili. Anything "tex mex".

Deep dish pizza. American Pizza is not the same as Italian Pizza.

Spaghetti and Meatballs - yes both are Italian, but no self respecting Italian would serve these two together - that's only something Americans do.

Chop Suey. Fortune Cookies. Most of what Americans consider Chinese food isn't actually known in China!

Steakhouses - an American invention. Japanese steakhouses - also invented in America.

Bar-b-cue, in its many forms and flavors - does not exist outside of the US.

Soul Food, Southern Food, Cajun and Creole Food - their ingredients, methods and inspirations may have come from France and Africa, but these dishes are all born here in the US.

Many regional dishes from the New England area - again, that's what happens whenever you have immigrants far from home trying to make due with local ingredients. New England & Boston Clam chowders, Boston baked beans...

All cultures have 1-pot-dishes - like Shepard's Pie (English), Onden (Japanese) or Moussaka (Greek), and the US is no different: tuna noodle, green bean casserole, fiesta casserole, etc.

The same could be said about what we consider comfort food, or diner classics:
Macaroni & Cheese - favorite dish of Thomas Jefferson.


Chicken fried steak.

Fried chicken.

Red eye gravy.

So called "cowboy food".

Sourdough - the bacteria that makes California sourdough "California sourdough" only exists in California.

Salt water taffy.

There's quite a lot of stuff that originated from the US, or came to the US, got changed, and went back into the world.

Check out this site listed below, it is the top ten American Recipes and the history and origin behind them.
Add to that... New England Clam Chowder, Philadelphia Cheese Steaks, Shoofly Pie, Virginia Ham, Louisiana Po-boys, Texas Chili ,Fajitas also originated in Texas, New Mexico's Chile Verde (hatch chiles), hot dogs and believe it or not, Pizza is from good ol, US of A too!…

Pecan pie and popcorn and maple syrup.
There is a whole lot more, tomatoes, squash, pumpkin and turkey all originate from America so many of the dishes made with these ingredients are typically American.

me just knowing stuff and

hot dogs.. chicken nuggets.. the gross pre-processed stuff I would assume...

How about a Turkey .. ? A feast style meal that the indians a europeans had together .. before they decided to slaughter them.. nice.. how nice we celebrate the slaughter of american indians!?

Johnny cakes..
Philidelphia Cheese Steak..
Chow Mein..
Thanksgiving Meal..
King Crab..
Hot Dog on a bun..
Breaded Meat Patties..
Dog Food(kibble)
Cat Food..
Deep Fried-food/snacks
100-% Maple Syrup..

Anything with tomatoes, corn, turckey, squash etc is probably 'American'. Even spaghetti sauce - there were no tomatoes in the old world.

the hot dog, fried chicken, collard greens, strawberry shortcake, cherry pie


big mac

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