Would you consider trying a dish made from dog meat?!

Question: Would you consider trying a dish made from dog meat?

Cantonese people of South China love "gao yook". When the British controlled Hong Kong, they forbid my people to eat dog meat, but they did not obey such a rule. Many restaurants had signs that said, "Today's Special is Nine Meat!" In Cantonese, "Gao (or Gau)" can mean "Nine" or "Dog".

Absouletly not, you never know whats in that.

I have 3 dogs they have never even tried that crap, they get real meat.

having said that my mum speaks of her old childhood friend's dad who used to make stew from dog food, and i know someone who eats tins tins of dog food then again he also eats dog kibble and believe it or not wood.

Sure, I'd try it.

i mean - it isn't something I would be wanting to incorporate into my daily diet, but I'm curious. I have some friends who have had it in other countries and I want to know what it was like. It's not like it isn't un-wholesome or bad for you.

So yes, I'd try it once if offered. Preferably just plain, so I get to know what it actually tastes like - i head it really isn't that good. Millions or billions of people eat it world wide, though.

It's not like you are eating someone's pet - you are eating an animal raised for food. One the same token, I've taken care of feed animals before such as cows and pigs, and later had them in my freezer - it isn't anything different.

No! Absolutly not. I've tried snails duck alligator kangaroo and many other things and I thought I'd try everything but wayyyy no. Or cats. I'd try lizards. Or snake. But cats or dogs? no. Oh maybe wolf. Maybe.

Uh my brain???

Nope. Because its mashy and gooey ha ha. it smells worse than it tastes i am asuming haha :)


not in particularly. sound like a waste.

only id i didnt know it was dog meat


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