When is a sausage not a sausage?!

Question: When is a sausage not a sausage?

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between 4 and 6pm

when it contains, by weight, less than 42% meat.

yes, that means 58% of your lovely breakfast item could be anything from gristle to sawdust,with just enough food colouring in it to look good.

still not enough to put me off though :D

(according to british food standards)

When it's a chipolata?

Actually, you can still call a sausage with very little pork in it a sausage, but you can't call it a "pork sausage"

When it's a Glamorgan sausage!

Or you could eat the other non-sausage...factory cheap...



When it is Lorne sausage.

They eat it in Scotland.


1) before its made
2) after its eaten
3) in a foreign country. then it is a salsicha or a saucisson etc
4) when it has an identity crisis

When it is a high fat emulsified offal tube.

when it contains less than 42% meat. then it becomes a banger or a hotdog

when it is called a pudding e g black/white pudding haggis etc

After it's eaten.

When it does not contain any sage.

When it's a weiner.

When it's a log

When it's a PATTY!

when it is at a sausagefest?

when its a bean.

Oh, I'm sure I know this one!

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