I am hungry what kind of food should i eat :P?!

Question: I am hungry what kind of food should i eat :P?

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You should have a sandwich with water.

We can not last without eating for 7 days. So good nutrition required for dairy activities. You should consume collect amount of food dairy. Food that your body Requires which belongs to the 5 groups food chain.

In a day we need to have milk, bread, some vegetables, fruits and nuts. Without thes your body is not going to motivate to the fullest potential. Like wise "food for thoughts".

In conclusion "bugers".....

And soft drink.

If you are looking for a snack, pizza is good. If you are looking for a dinner, go to a good family type Italian restaurant and let THEM fix you a dinner.

preferably me :( because you look very hot. But in contrast to what the guy above said, I'd try ice cream. you deserve a treat for being so hot :P

*hint hint* fat girls

Donatos pizza


haha um.. soup salad sandwich pasta coffee idk

whatever you want!

A cup of hot cocoa, you look cold.

Pf changs

id say sonic would hit the spot

an apple :)

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