would you eat at a resturant that served pigeon pie?!

Question: Would you eat at a resturant that served pigeon pie?

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Sure, they aren't that much different from chickens.

for sure, i love pigeon whether in a pie or not. not a lot of diffference between chicken, quail, duck, pheasant etc they are all are birds but have different tastes.

you don't have to have it if you don't want it.


If you've had squab before, guess what? You've eaten pigeon. It's quite common in Europe.

I've heard that pigeons were originally brought to the US from Europe to eat, but the population quickly outgrew the demand.

Yes. Every restaurant I have ever eaten at served something that I have no intention of eating. This doesn't sound any different. I wouldn't order the pigeon pie but just select something else.

I've eaten squab--a young domestic pigeon--so I'll eat in a restaurant that served pigeon (squab) pie.

YES, Bistilla the Moroccan pie is delish

Yes I would. I like the taste of pigeons in the morning.

Oh, well, yeah but it must be ORGANIC.

probably not

yes as long as they serve other kinds of pies!!!!!

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