What is your favourite cuisine?!

Question: What is your favourite cuisine?

Thai or Greek...both just float my boat haha xxx

I'm indian and just so in love with the many herbs and spices we have. I love indian food, spicy currys, chicken in yoghurt marinations, seafood in cocunut milk, or just spiced veggies with the naan or rice. soooo good. My second favorite is chinese. Their unique blend of sauces, ginger with garlic stirfrys are the best. They also create super good soups. Third favourite is mediteranean/lebanses. They also have their own herbs and spices and create really exotic flavoured meals. Whats your favorite?

Any european cuisine is good with me. I also love Thai and Vietnamese food. I love Mexican food. I love western cuisine too. I love food!

Cajun/Creole Because it blends in ingredients from many different cultures(French, Spanish, African, Native American)

French, Chinese, and Italian. In that order.

South Indian- Kerala, Tamil food, Sri Lankan.

Indian, it spices your life.

I'm a curry lover.


Chimeras then Indian

Chinese and Italian




I tend to like eastern European food the best.


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