Are tortillas similar to Indian roti?!

Question: Are tortillas similar to Indian roti?
I believe the tortillas are made from a mixture of flour, salt, and vegetable shortening, mixed in a dough and cut out into flat circular shape and heated on both sides. Isn't that how we make roti in India? We just don't use vegetable shortening, we use ghee instead (derived from milk fat).
Or are there any other differences?


They're kind of the same althuogh tortillas are dry in appearance on the outside- they're not made with so much shoertening, and also they're baked, rotis are sometimes fried on a greased griddle.

Roti can sometimes be made with flour, ghee which is massaged in, then flattened, and flattened again so you get ghee spread throughout the roti, whereas tortillas are made with more flour and not kneaded and flattened a bunch of times.

Tortillas are more like naan to me.

Umm... Well it depends. I make the dough out of oil, flour and water. Hope this helped :D

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