How bad was this food?!

Question: How bad was this food?
My family is forcing me to many calories about?

A mini cinnamon roll (like finger food size)
A chicken cutlet sandwich (the party kind, so little)
The filling of cake (chocolate)
Slice of cheese pizza
A small portion of cheese calzone


Do you not eat? Maybe they are forcing you for a reason.

Anyway. They are not healthy calories but I'd say about 1000-1500 but I'm not 100% sure. You should eat carrots instead. ;)

holy crap, im not too sure how many calories, but WAY too many, unless your a sumo wrestler, besides, i dont think calories even matter when your eating junk food like that, are they trying to fatten you up?

you might be sitting in the 2200 - 2500 range, but they are bad calories.

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