What is the green cabbage-like thing that comes with sushi?!

Question: What is the green cabbage-like thing that comes with sushi?
I ordered sushi few weeks ago, and on the mixed plate I got some of this dark green "cabbage" that had a chewy, almost plastic feel to it. What is is called??


Could be some kind of "wakame" or seaweed.... or, I sure hope it wasn't the plastic green decoration that's cut into some shapes. It's used to separate sushi from touching, or to separate the sushi from shoga (picked ginger) or wasabi on the plate. Yes, this is plastic.

Was it green or was It pink? There's this pink stuff (Ginger) that comes with your sushi and u eat between bites so you can experience the subtle flavor.

Im guessing its seaweed.

It could be sea weed but I'm not sure. Hope I helped

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