Spicy Tuna Roll good ?!

Question: Spicy Tuna Roll good ?
I heard it is very good . I would like to try it . Any advice on what kind of sauce to get and extras . Also is there diffrent kinds like Handrolls . I want the kind rapped in the seaweed and rice . what is it called . Please help thankss !


Yes its soo good! i just eat it with soy sauce. Also crunchy rolls are good & you can basically get any roll in a hand roll

Yes, it is very good. Little bit of soy and some ginger that comes with it tastes great.
If you want a little spicier and like horseradish, try wasabi. It is usually rolled in seaweed.

I think, rice and other things rolled in seaweed is called, Sushi?
If i'm wrong, i do apologise.

I get them in little packs for my Children.


Really good

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