I'm making miso soup, should I cook the tofu?!

Question: I'm making miso soup, should I cook the tofu?
Basically, I'm using a tablespoon of brown rice miso paste to cook some miso soup. I have tofu, but it's not silken variety.

Do I need to cook it before adding it to the soup, or can I eat it "raw."


you can just drop the Tofu in the last minute, you can eat Tofu raw as well, but Tofu doesn't taste anything on its own.

You need not cook the tofu, but the soup will taste better if everything in it (tofu included) is at the same temperature. So, it will be just right to drop the tofu in immediately before the flame/power is turned off. This will be just sufficient to heat up the tofu.

The type of tofu does not matter either - it just depends on the type you prefer.

My mommy makes us miso soup ALL the time. I help her most of time too. Cube the tofu up and drop them in about 3 minutes. You can add it earlier/later but it really doesn't make a difference. However, "raw" tofu... has no actual taste.


I'm Asian :D

dosnt need to be cooked.

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