Green Leaf in Malaysian Dishes?!

Question: Green Leaf in Malaysian Dishes?
Okay, so im doing this project and I was wondering you can see from the title..what the green leafs in Malaysian Dishes are used for?

This might not be a very clear question but here's a picture of a dish...

Thank You.
And if you have a source...please list that too.
First good answer, i promise, will be chosen as the best answer. :D
Thanks Again!


It's can either be a banana or pandan leaf, they're pretty interchangeable. They're usually used to steam glutinous rice that can be stuffed with sweet or savory ingredients or just steaming foods in general. Very common in Asian cuisine and can be seen in dishes at dim sum restaurants (which I think is a pretty common place to find an example of) or in Filipino dishes like Suman. Hope that helped.

I'm Asian and a chef, lol

That big leaf underneath is a banana leaf.

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