When you eat Chinese food ... do you feel compelled to ..?!

Question: When you eat Chinese food ... do you feel compelled to ..?
stick the chopsticks up your nose ..?

or is that just me ...?


Av never used Chopsticks ...

Am a Northerner, we still use our hands ;-)


That is disgusting and also it isn't just Chinese who use chopsticks I am korean and i use chopsticks they also use chopsticks in Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Burma, Thailand, and Laos. But anyways that is gross to stick it up your nose so that is just you


Eat it every chance I get. Asian food rocks

It just you wanting to to disrespect culture.

No me Skippy, can't abide the stuff. If I had chop-sticks I probably would do that exact same thing though.

It's just you.


haha~no but thanks for giving me a chuckle

i put mine in my mouth and pretend i am the walrus g'goo goo g'joob

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