meal patterns and serving customs in Switzerland?!

Question: Meal patterns and serving customs in Switzerland?
what are the meal patterns? at break fast? lunch? dinner?
how do they serve food?


Muesli and milk are a popular Swiss way to begin the day, but hot coffee or hot chocolate are still traditional. With either cafe au lait or hot chocolate as the mainstay, this simple breakfast revolves around an assortment of breads and rolls served with fresh butter and a variety of preserves.

The main meal of the day takes place at noon. Beginning with a hearty soup, dinner may go on to a main Swiss dish based on potatoes, cheese, fish or meat accompanied by a small salad and ending with fruit and cheese. The adults will usually have wine, cider or water and the children will sip only water with the dinner.

A late afternoon snack at about four o'clock called zvieri will consist of sausages or ham with pickles and bread together with a quenching drink of hard cider or perhaps beer. Children will snack on bread and butter, women sometimes on milk or one of many teas with simple cakes or buns.

The evening meal may be one of the lightest and simplest of the day, consisting of bread, cheese, and cafe au lait, or a simple casserole of potatoes and a side salad and bread.

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