what can I add to pesto if I don't like the flavor? I ate pasta with the pesto sauce.?!

Question: What can I add to pesto if I don't like the flavor? I ate pasta with the pesto sauce.?
alfredo or tomatoe pasta sauce?


Sun-dried tomatoes make a great addition to pesto sauce...just chop them up super-fine in a food processor. You could add heavy cream to it and turn it into a pesto cream sauce. Or add some additional grounds nuts, either more pine-nuts, or ground almonds or ground pecans or ground walnuts.

By the way, you can make pesto out of nearly any kind of fresh herbs, nuts, cheese, garlic and oil.
Cilantro or parsley or mint make excellent substitutes for basil in pesto. You can subtitute any kind of nut for the pine-nuts, even sesame or sunflower or pumpkin seeds. You can use almost any kind of hard cheese, like Gruyere, Gouda, Manchego, Mizithra, anything that you can grate or finely shred. You can experiment with different oils, too, like avocado or walnut oil or sesame oil. Of course the further you stray from the traditional recipe, the less Italian it would be!

check google & food network & youtube for pesto recipes without the stuff u don't like.
I have friends allergic to nuts, & I make pesto without nuts, & they lap it up. Even the hard core pesto fans love it.
You can add finely or coarsely chopped tomatoes to hot pasts with a sprinkle of pepper, & grated parmesan & a light drizzle of EVOO. Sometimes I simplt add a couple of teaspoons of butter, & salt & pepper to pasta, & that I find delicious too.

Garlic and basil

if you dont like the flavour of pesto then dont eat it

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