Questions about bubble tea?!

Question: Questions about bubble tea?
I'm doing research for my marketing class and I was wondering if...

Have you had bubble tea before?

If yes, would you like a bubble tea stand to open near you?

If no, would you be interested in trying bubble tea?

Thanks for your help, I'll pick an answer at random to get the ten points.


I have not had bubble tea before and yes I would like to try it but where do you buy it

I think I've had it before, but I could be wrong and I would most definitely be interested in trying it again regardless of whether I've had it or not.

I really should stop at one of the places that I know serve Bubble Tea on my way home from work one of these days...

I had bubble tea before, but I would not like a bubble tea stand near my place. I do not like this tea, it's too sweet and loaded with fat, and the tapioca pearls is just starch. At the same time it's overpriced all the time. The whole thing is not "tea" to me.

I love bubble tea (or boba, as us asians call it). And there are like 4 bubble tea shops all within walking distance from me. Everyone who's tried boba usually loves it.

Yup, had it lots of time. But, I wouldn't want a bubble tea stand to open near my will just be too tempting. Bubble tea are quite fattening!

yes i have its quite good


bubble tea

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