Can you get a coconut opener at asain markets?!

Question: Can you get a coconut opener at asain markets?
Well as you all know i love coconuts.
Be-live it or not im really a 13 year old girl & i know how to open a young thai coconut with a knife. My mother is a chef and my father already knows how to cook (he is a state worker though). Both of my parents hate the way i open young thai coconuts. At my asian market which is walking distance, is where i get all my coconuts. I love coconuts so much i am beginning to learn to sweeten them,make coconut milk ect. I use all types of coconuts but i dont want to use a knife for them anymore. Like for green coconuts i love drinking them but i tried for my first time and use the ground for the tool. All the juice was gone! Mature coconut i don't get often usually the 3 types of young coconuts. Dehusked, thai, and green.

It's just not natural...... it dosent make a big enough hole anyway....
I never asked for a coconut opener at my international market, some don't speak good english.
I really don't want to order offline cause sometimes they don't deliver it, and they take a while to get here.

So anyway can i get a coconut opener at the market? Yeah im 13 don't be surprised.


Many people are opening young coconuts the hard way. Opening a young coconut is MUCH easier than many imagined.

Here's a picture of a young coconut that was opened the hard way. This is how most young coconuts were opened.…

Here's a pic of a young coconut being opened the easy way.…
The difference - The person is cutting the bottom side of the young coconut.

If you pay attention to the picture, you'll notice that there is a circle in one of the white spots in the middle. That is the weakest spot of a coconut. You could poke through the weakest spot of a young coconut with only a straw most of the time. Here's another picture of a young coconut with the weakest point exposed.… Here's a picture of a mature coconut.… Those three dark spots = the three white spots on a young coconut. The center of the dark spot on the bottom right looked a little different from the other two. That was the weak spot. Here's how the weakest point of a mature coconut looked like from the inside. The dent on the top is the weakest point.…

The easiest tool to slice away the bottom of a young coconut - A serrated bread knife that isn't very flexible.… Instead of cutting the husk, you want to gently saw off the husk at the bottom.

How do I open a mature coconut? I use something like this:… This is a cork opener. The one shown in the pic is more heavy duty than regular ones. Regular ones will work too but they will get damaged easier.

Splitting a coconut open after you drained or drank all the juice is very easy. You only need to throw it on the ground as if you're spiking a ball. It will split open rather fast. :)

By the way, I once told my friends that I could drink all the juice inside a young coconut with only my car key and a straw. I also told them that I could get to the meat without using additional tools. Those who didn't bet on me lost. LOL

Well, as they sell coconuts there's a good chance they'd sell openers. How would we know for sure though? It's your local market. Just go and ask (take a picture of one with you) or just look around in the kitchen utensils section.

when you finnish drinking the juice, i always use a hacksaw to cut it in half a scape the coconut out with a spoon and the half's make great bowls or planters

we always just used a hammer & a screwdriver...

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