Would you eat this: Casu marzu?!

Question: Would you eat this: Casu marzu?
Sardinia (yes, it's in Italy, but this one deserved its own listing)
This sheep's milk cheese has maggots added to it during ripening, because their digestive action creates an "advanced level" of fermentation (also known as "decomposition"). Some people prefer to eat the soupy results sans critters, while the stout of heart go for the whole package. Be forewarned: according to Wikipedia, irate maggots can propel themselves for distances up to six inches. Here's fly in your eye



I live in Italy and the family upstairs has a Sardinian connection so this is another one I've tried - without the maggots. I'll stick with Sardinian pecorino and parmigiano reggiano from here on out. However, I like both culatello and stracotto di somaro con polenta.

Yes, I hear it's quite delicious (sans maggots)

I had no idea.


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