What's your favourite fish dish?!

Question: What's your favourite fish dish?
I like smoked haddock with creamy onion mash and peas :) i also like mixed shellfish pilaf :) nom xx


kedgeree without eggs, with coriander and lemon on top :-D oo or maybe oven roasted salmon with mediterranean veg and lemon and coriander cous cous... oh wow, cant decide between those... poss the salmon!

I haven't eaten a lot of fish in a while, but my mom used to grill fish every day after work! Here are some things I remember eating:

*Grilled flounder, trout, tilapia, or catfish (marinated) with lemon (optional), mashed potatoes, and peas or broccoli.
*Grilled shrimp platter with hot butter sauce, cocktail sauce, and French bread--yummy!
*Boiled crawfish
*Friday Fish Buffet! Fried tilapia & catfish, butterfly & tempura shrimp, sometimes French fries, sometimes hushpuppies--with sherbet for dessert! Don't eat this every week, though.

A good thing that goes with fish is lemon meringue pie, sherbet, or fresh fruit.

I love fish, but it's not fish season here! :'(

I don't eat a lot of fish to be honest.
Has to be fish and chips.
Either home style with crispy chips, garden peas and tartar sauce...
Or chip shop style, with greasy batter, chunky, soft and filled chips, with good ol' salt, vinegar, mushy pea fritters and HP sauce ;)

Ohh, tuna sandwiches with salad cream and lettuce :)

lobster linguine with some garlic mushrooms n olive on the side.. but that's kinda seafood so like actual fish i guess tuna mayo pasta something simple but i love adding in avocado, bacon, fried onions etc

My absolute favorite is broiled flounder with crabmeat stuffing. I also like broiled or grilled salmon and fried catfish a lot. And I love shrimp any old way, but fried shrimp and oysters is really living to me. Red Lobster, here I come!

Mediterranean fish stew with garlic toasts


I like most steamed flounder in parsley sauce with boiled potatoes and cream-horseradish.

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