Do you like odd food?, e.g.s, Frogs legs, Chocolate Locusts, Tripe or similar items...?!

Question: Do you like odd food?, e.g.s, Frogs legs, Chocolate Locusts, Tripe or similar items...?

Stuffed olives and olives of any other sort including small very salted Greek black ones. No one else I know likes them at all especially here in the UK.

Also like Dutch salted liquorice which is a very acquired taste!

I like snails. I've eaten frog's legs and snake. When my ex (north country, didn't like to see food going to waste) and I went to restaurants and I had not eaten everything on my plate, he would ask, 'Have you finished?' and then scoff what I had left. One evening I said, 'Yes, but you won't eat it.' 'Why not?'. 'Because it's tripe.' I then added that I was not prepared to order tripe every time we went out to eat, just to stop him stuffing himself.
Never tried chocolate locusts and I don't have a sweet tooth, but locusts fried in honey - why not?
I don't class olives as 'odd food.' But then I also like stuffed vine leaves - dolmas.

Had frogs legs in France ,ok tasted like chicken .
My husband & daughter likes Tripe I don't like the smell.
Had snake soup in HONG KONG many moons ago.Tried EMU & CROCODILE in Australia not to bad .
I will try anything once .

own taste buds

check it below. Gooooood luck (:

Rocky mountain oysters :D

Curried Chicken Foot or chicken back

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