Do you use other things in a hotdog bun rather than a hotdog?!

Question: Do you use other things in a hotdog bun rather than a hotdog?
If so, what is it/are they?


put cheese in between it and put it in the oven


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You can put anything you like in a hot dog bun--anything you'd put in a bun or sandwich. I've used it to make sandwiches when I didn't have regular bread. Once I browned some ground beef and onions and put it in the bun with lettuce, tomato, and catchup.

Try putting boiled mashed potato with a pinch of salt and a green's nourishing & healthy too. btw, u can put little tomato or chilly sauce too (if not using mustard).

Sausage, Kielbasi, anything similar shape like that fits on the bun.

peanut butter, whole banana, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

In New England, they put lobster salad inside a hot dog bun and call it a Lobster Roll

i make toast with the ones i have left.

if i have left over hot dog buns i'll make a sandwhich or garlic toast

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